Listed below are the Terms & Conditions
for putting a sale bill on this site..

What is the main goal when you plan your next auction?

1. The cost of the advertising?

2. Viewers, how many people will see it and who will see it?
(Locals or World Wide)

Dakota Web Design has created “The South Dakota Auction Pages” or to help each and every auctioneer meet their needs. What we intend to do is give every auctioneer an affordable, yet very effective form of advertising that will cover more area than most of the newspapers we deal with.  The Internet has become one of the most popular forms of media. With more than 1 in every 4 Americans on the Internet, and with world wide
coverage, this may be your solution.

Have your "internet" sale bill created by us!
Prices for paid members of the South Dakota Auction Pages
1. 8.5 x 11 ad $40.00
2. 8.5 x 14 ad $50.00
3. Larger ads on a quote basis
4. Scanned picture prices will vary on the quantity of pictures.
     Approx. $2.50 per picture
5. Hourly web design charge $35.00 per hour

Please submit ads on white paper or by email. We can accept
.pdf .doc .wpd .txt and a few other formats via e-mail.
E-mail us at

All ads will be placed on the page within 72 hours of receiving the ad.

Most ads are scanned in unless larger than 8.5 x 14. If we need to recreate the ad it may take longer  than 72 hours.

Billing will be set up to meet your needs. Bills will be sent before sale day so you can have  them for the sale closing. Dakota Web Design & The South Dakota Auction Pages are not responsible for errors on ads scanned in.

Who is Dakota Web Designs?
Dakota Web Designs  is comprised of internet & web design
professionals that have been in the Internet and Web Design business for over 5 years. We have seen the internet grow and develop and have kept up with the rapid pace in which it is growing. Being in the Auction business for over 11 years, we have an understanding that the most crucial part of every auction
is the advertising medium in which we all use. How to get the most publicity with out all the cost. The South Dakota Auction Pages  - is one of the many ways that we bring attention to upcoming sales in the state of South Dakota.  Each sale is easy to find and the Auctioneers who participate can also have a link to their own personal page with their own sale listings.  What are you waiting for? The world is waiting and at Dakota Web
Design we can deliver your next auction to the World!

Advertising on the page
A rotating ad banner is placed on the page for auctioneers and others interested in the industry to place their  company ad.

This ad banner will rotate in a fashion that every time the page is hit another ad will appear. If you would like an ad, we would be more than happy to create one for your business. The rotating ad will then link to your web address giving the inquirer more information about your auction service.

Our site will also host 2 static ads at the top of the calendar and 2 static ads at the bottom of the calendar.

1. Yearly Membership - $200.00 per year
       Includes a text link to your site.

2. Rotating ad banner
       SDAA member - $15.00/month
       Non-SDAA Member - $40.00/month

3. Static Ad (Constant ad, never changes)
       Top of Calendar (only 2 ads) - $250.00/month
       Bottom of Calendar (only 2 ads) - $100.00/month

4. Homepage storage $12.50/month
       example address

5. Virtual Domain Name Storage  $15.00/month
     *this includes the monthly hosting of your site, not
       the development of the actual auction site.

Upcoming Auction Calendar
This is free of charge for auctions that advertise on the page.

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